16 de desembre 2006

Tirades de característiques (2)

He trobat aquesta proposta al fòrum de Palladium i em sembla molt interessant. Què opineu?

IQ - Putting clues together, Figuring out a puzzle, Recognizing details
ME - Resisting torture or subtle questioning, Resisting Charm/Seduction
MA - Behaving approprielty in a variety of social situations
PS - Breaking a door from it's hinges, Bending a pipe with bare hands
PP - Avoiding slipping, Keeping balance on uneven surfaces,
PE - Emergency reserves of stamina, Staying awake all night
PB - Coaxing information, Looking appropriate in a social situation
Spd - Quick turns while running, Running through a forest/uneven terrain

Essentially it goes by a percentile system. The difficulty is established by multiplying the stat in question by a difficulty modifier. Thus with with an ME of 22, for example:

An EASY roll would be X5 --- 22 X5 = 98%
A STANDARD roll is X4 --- 22 X4 = 88%
A MODERATE roll is X3 --- 22 X3 = 66%
A CHALLENGING roll is X2 --- 22 X2 = 44%
A DIFFICULT roll is X1 --- 22 X1 = 22%
An IMPOSSIBLE roll is X1/2 --- 22 X1/2 - 11%